Something About ME!!

Hi Readers, Let me introduce myself to you all. My name is Jagmeet Jassal and I work as a free-lance software engg. for various IT, healthcare, manufacturing, banking etc. firms. I live in Pittsburgh area with my wife and mostly a dedicated 9-5pm working sort of guy. From my early exposure to computers during college years to my study subjects to my work profile has all been linked to computers so it is safe to estimate that I am your typical geek interested in technology kind of neighbor. While not in office I am interested in finding new platforms and software and technical talks that introduce a new promised comfort in the life a person. I am always passionate in learning new technologies influencing around me but always find it hard to learn and understand everything that goes around me and retain the knowledge to point when I would be actually using it. So most of the time either my attention is diverted to something more interested and new and fascinating and I often loose track of my current pursue and move on to something new. I often do wish that life were a Matrix movie where someone may feed a programing disk to a machine and all the knowledge needed to understand and operate a machine or process be learned in an instant.
But that is a wishful thinking and I keep on pressing on learning something new everyday. Take for instant this blogging!! I heard about it, read about it, saw others doing it but never imagined what I will be blogging it one day. But here I am making a new beginning and would like to hear from you all what new you do and how much long you all pursue your new tastes before seeking something new. Do write about your experiences and let me know.

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